Because You Matter: Boy #1

I promised the social worker three quilts for three little boys, and the first one is finished!

006She asked for small quilts (blankie-sized), so this one will meet the bill at 24 x 36″. Perfect for a toddler or pre-schooler!


It’s a foundation-pieced string quilt done in 6.5″ squares. I used a white strip in the center of each square, and then picked out the brightest scraps I could find out of the scrap bin.


I hand-tied it with bright red yarn.


And of course, it goes out with Sampson’s nod of approval.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Wow, here it is February already! I know I’m not the only one feeling blown away by how quickly the last month flew past us!

This is a bit of a random post… I started a lot of projects in January and thought I would share them with you.

First, I have started knitting a pair of socks for Kelly’s cousin Amber (read about Amber here). She has trouble staying warm at night because the stroke has affected the circulation in her legs and feet. So I am knitting a pair of warm woolen knee-high socks for her to wear to bed. This is my first time EVER knitting with this fine sock yarn on these itty bitty needles, and I am loving it! Love love love!




I am also participating in three on-line bees this semester. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I was totally stumped by the January We Bee Learning block. But I did manage in the end and TA DA! here it is:


I’m also participating in We Bee Canadian and January was my month! I chose a traditional bow tie block, but requested garden prints. You know, fruits, vegetables, flowers, grass, seeds … anything found in a garden. Even shovels & wheelbarrow prints would be acceptable! This will be a fun quilt. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far:




The last bee I’ve signed up for is brand new to me. It’s called the 3×6 bee. That means there are six people in the bee, and we each make six blocks of our own choice but in the colours requested by our bee-mates. You have 3 months to make and mail them. If I run through this bee two or three times I’ll have enough to make a quilt top. Here are the colours I’ve requested:








AND…I’m taking a creative writing course at the college on Wednesday nights. I love this class. It takes a fair bit of brain power, though, and has also created a bit of a temporal deficit.

I’ve also started a new quilt (inspired by Valentine’s Day), but you’ll just have to wait for a bit because I’m holding it aside in hopes that I will get it finished within the fortnight. Why? Because on February 15th I’m participating in my very first EVER blog hop! Yup! It’s the Hugs & Kisses blog hop. Look for me and my valentine quilt on February 15th – the day after valentine’s day!

Lastly (if you’re still with me at this point)…I’ve been thinking about attending a master class – a DANCE master class. Yes! I said Dance! All this stirring of creative juices – quilting, knitting, creative writing – has stirred up my love of dancing and I feel like maybe it’s time to shake some dust off my hipscarf and study with my mentor at Arabesque again. Wow! Didn’t see that coming, did ya? Lol!

nita cropped ladybug dress

I’m linking up over at Cat Patches because it’s New Fabric Object day today, AND I’m linking up to Fresh Sewing Day & the Small Blog meet over at Lily’s Quilts. Check them out!




Hooking up with a 2013 NewFO Challenge!

Barbara over at Cat Patches has started a new linky party for 2012 whereby we are given permission to accumulate as many UFOs (unfinished objects) as we like! In fact, the entire goal of the linky party is to start something new at the beginning of each month, and then share what we’ve started at the end of each month. Sounds good to me, seeing as how I excel in starting things that I don’t finish, lol!

For this link-up we’re supposed to share what we would like to get started in 2013. Well, I’m a bit too spontaneous to plan that far ahead, but I do have a couple of ideas…

I have strips left over from the Island Chain quilt that I made last year. In fact, I have enough left over to make an entire 2nd quilt! Which I am going to start right away in January. Why right away? Because we have sold our pool table. Which just happens to be my horizontal design wall. Which is critical to sewing the pieces in the proper order. And the new owners will be taking it away soon. See the logic?







I also want to make several quilts for my charity project, Because You Matter, and I’d like to get a good start on two in January, that I hope will go to pre-teens or teens.

The first quilt will be a Reverse Star and the blocks are coming to me through the gererosity of the quilters over at Quilting for Kids. It will be purple & gold, perfect for a girl.

The second will be a Converging Corners quilt with the block I requested from my We Be Learning Bee group as my November block. This one is shades of green & orange and will be perfect for a boy.








And…there’s more!  Eee gads!  I’m feeling really inspired to do some knitting! I’ve been knitting slippers out of heavy sock wool for Christmas gifts:





…and now I’d like to try some socks using some of the beautiful fingering weight sock yarn that I’ve been drooling over (and yes, surreptiously buying). And I also want to knit myself a sweater, but I haven’t picked out a pattern yet.

So there you go! If you plan on starting something in January, please do share! Inquiring minds want to know!

WIP Wednesday – bring it on!

Well,  I’ve got a lot of things in progress to show you this week! (Could it be because I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in a while? lol!)

On the needles:

November’s We Be Learning BOM languishing around waiting for me to get around to actually mailing it:

This little dolly waiting for me to finish it:

This one waiting for me to decide how to quilt it:

This little toddler quilt waiting for me to finish the hand work on it:

the Mon fils quilt is in the hand frame:

Waiting in the wings are my November 1/2 square triangle block, the last two Treasure Chest blocks and my orange peel quilt blocks.

A maelstrom of quilty ideas are chasing themselves around and around my head. I really should write some of them down and make some space up there…

A Home-made Christmas

Today is Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet over at Lily’s Quilts. Two linky parties for the price of one!

Small Blog Meet is for bloggers with fewer than 50 followers. I definitely fall into that category! And Fresh Sewing Day is for telling what you’ve been up to the last month.

Sew…I’ve decided to have a home-made Christmas this year. And not only that – I have decided to have a home-made Christmas that involves buying as few supplies as possible. That means working out of my various stashes.  And since I’ve decided this rather late, I’m scrambling to see what I can create in the little amount of time that I have (which basically means in the evenings after work).


and the helpers had to get in on the picture-taking action of course!

and more slippers…

And yesterday I made a quilt top which will be for my son. (I won’t tell you how old my son is, but let’s just say he is closer to 30 than I am, lol!) I’m certain he doesn’t read his mother’s crafting blog, so I feel safe to show you! Now this is NOT the fabulous quilt I have planned for him. I want to make him a full-sized bed quilt with Little Black Dress by Basic Grey. And I will! As soon as I can afford the fabric! So maybe next Christmas? But for this year I want to give him a small little lap quilt that can be put over the back of a chair and pulled over the lap or shoulders when needed. 🙂 My problem was that I didn’t have anything in my stash that I thought he would really like!  So I went rooting around in the bottom of the stash and found a chunk of grey. Where did that come from? No idea…I think someone gave it to me years ago. Now, I thought, this is something that my son would like! He likes grey! It would make the perfect backing. More rooting around ensued and I came up with 4 charm packs that I had purchased back when Craftsy was still shipping to Canada. And guess what…(no, they aren’t grey)…they are Petite Odile by French General! I love French General! Love love love. I know my son won’t love it the way I do, but the colours are nice for a man, and he does like vintage and whimsy and antique.

Being short on time, I took the easy route and simply sewed all the squares together. Three charm packs worked perfectly and I still have one left over!

It will be sandwiched today, and will finish at 41 x 55″. A bit of an odd dimension, but I’ll take it.  I am going to call the quilt “mon fille” or whatever the French word for my child or my son is! (help! if you speak French!)

Anybody else doing a stash-busting home-made Christmas? Inquiring minds want to know!