1:1 Book Coaching

Nita’s waiting for my pages!

There’s nothing quite as motivating as knowing someone is on the other end of the line, waiting for your pages to pop into their inbox. A real, live human being who doesn’t just work with your words, but works with YOU – the person behind the words, the person with something to say.

You’ll get personalized feedback on your manuscript pages, accountability, and emotional support while you write. I’ll listen, help you brainstorm, guide you past the roadblocks, and help you stick to your goals.

We talk about other things over a cup of tea, too – aspects of your writing life – areas that could use a little shoring up or brainstorming around, maybe?😊

How it works:

You will send me two submissions per month on a schedule we’ll determine together.

Submissions can be as many as 5,000 words each, which is equal to approximately 20 pages in industry standard formatting. They may be brand new words, rewritten chapters, assigned worksheets, etc. The focus is on you and meeting your needs as a writer, so work targets are something we’ll figure out together.

With each submission you’ll receive from me:

    • Written feedback on your pages including strengths, weaknesses, & next steps in the form of in-line comments and email.

    • Curated exercises as needed to hone craft skills as needed.

    • One 30-minute video chat to talk it all out.

    • On-going email support.

Your investment: $700/month

A few notes

The Blueprint

One of the tools I use with all my clients is the Blueprint for a Book method developed by Jennie Nash of Author Accelerator. No matter what stage of the writing process you’re in, we always start with at least some parts of the blueprint.

Why? Think of your novel as a house – it won’t matter how many beautiful paintings you hang on the wall, they’re ALL going to hang crooked if the house is sitting on a wonky foundation. Let’s start by making sure those story-bones are nice and straight!

What is it?  The blueprint is a set of curated questions and worksheets aimed at helping us figure out what it is you want to say, how you want to say it, and why. What you come away with is clarity around your story and a path forward.


Our book coaching relationship is a safe space to discuss your work.

There are a lot of writers out there who’ve been on the receiving end of feedback that was inconsiderately given or downright cruel. There are writers out there who have been so badly burned by feedback that they’ve actually stopped writing for extended periods of time.

I understand what it feels like because I’ve been there. I’ve been beaten up by mean feedback, and I know how scary it is to jump back into the water.

Here’s something you already know: none of us can raise the bar and get where we want to go without the learning opportunity that feedback gives us.

A dedicated writer needs someone to tell them the truth about what’s missing or unclear. What isn’t working and why. To offer solutions and help brainstorm the best path forward.

I deliver honest feedback with sensitivity and respect.