WIP Wednesday WoW!

Wow – look what we woke up to this morning! It started about 9:30 last night and is still falling. It’s pretty, but some green would be prettier on the May 16th!






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I haven’t given a progress report on my various sewing projects in a couple of weeks, so here goes!

The May block for the In Color Order block-of-the-month quilt-along was posted, and I made that one right away. I’m really enjoying this QAL (quilt along). Every block is made out of 1/2 triangle squares, so it is interesting to see how many combinations there are, and also they are very easy which is right up my alley these days. Cheers to stress-free quilting!  Here’s the May block:

And here it is with its buddies (Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr, plus one extra I wanted to make as an experiment). She’s going to be gorgeous when she’s finished, eh?!

And then after all my angst and anxiety over Nora’s quilt, it finally all came together.  You’ll remember that I had the 12 blocks but couldn’t decide on a sashing colour:

For some reason, the depression just magnified the indecision, which became stressful, which started keeping me awake at night and yada yada yada. Hard to believe one little quilt could cause so much panic in my mind. That’s being ill for you, I guess. I still have absolutely zero tolerance for stresses of any kind…any little stress just throws me right off of my balance beam and I can’t cope.  My solution was to put the quilt on the back burner and move on to something else for a while. I even told Nora’s mom that the quilt was going to take a bit longer than expected. I was still intrigued by stars, though, and made 12 of these little 6″ babies:

Hummm…..do you see what I see? (said the quilter to the drummer boy). Just to see what would happen, I laid out the original stars together with the new batch of 6″ minis, and Viola!  Nora’s quilt was born!

Now the big job begins…hand quilting this little sparkler!

Also this month I made the May We Be Learning Bee block for Barbara in Oregon. She requested a bow tie block in a theme of our choice. I found some cute country farm fabric, so that is my theme. The block is already in the mail – that is going to be a fun quilt! I’ll look forward to her photos of it when it’s finished. I wonder what themes the other quilters in the group will choose?

My month is June, and I wanted to have everyone make me a bear’s paw block. So I thought I better test the pattern out since I’ll have to post it in a couple of weeks. I tried three times, and just couldn’t make the block turn out the right size. So I guess it isn’t really a beginner block after all. I do love it, though, and will keep it in mind to make when I’m not a beginner anymore. There are so many little pieces in this block that the smallest error multiplies and throws the size right off, so not the best choice for a beginner quilter group if I want to receive 12 blocks that are the same size! I can use the ones I made in a little quilt of my own since my own blocks were consistant, just not the 12.5 inches that the pattern calls for. So I’ve chosen a different (easier) block, but I’ll keep it under my hat for now…you’ll have to wait until June to find out what it’s going to be!  Here are two of my three bear paw blocks:

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of my menagerie! Here is Misty, who has decided that I have sewn enough for the day:

And Sammy has had a haircut – what a cutie pie!

Happy Wednesday!

WiP Wednesday

I haven’t checked in on a work-in-progress Wednesday for a couple of weeks. I may have slowed down now that I’m back at work, but I still make a point to spend an hour in the sewing room whenever I can. Today I’m linking up here:


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced





Here’s what I’ve been up to!

A couple of Saturdays ago I couldn’t find any more excuses for putting my taxes off.  Who looks forward to that, eh? Not me! So I told myself that as soon as I finished my taxes, I could work on the April Treasure Chest Block-of-the-Month as a reward. With that motivation and a couple of cups of strong tea, I got right to work and finished them in no time!

And then…my reward! Voila! The Greek Cross!


I’ve also been making some 6-inch stars for Nora’s quilt:


After all that, I had the thought that maybe I should clean my sewing machine. So I took off the needle plate and prepared myself for a linty mess…but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, considering that it’s literally been YEARS since I last cleaned it.


I’ll leave you with some beautiful light from the Lake House this last weekend. Enjoy!





Permission to do nothing at all

The cabin is the one place in the world where we have given ourselves permission to do nothing at all. We each fall into our own rhythm there. Kelly loves to putter, and so for him the cabin is handyman heaven. He can easily spend the day fixing up this or that, interspersed with one or two (or three!) naps on the couch and a good session with his book or listening to CBC radio shows. I love to read and knit or sew, and can easily spend the entire day with a good book or handiwork project. In fact, I keep a special project mainly just for the lake. For the last two summers it was making the appliqué squares for Halia’s quilt. Before that I spent an entire summer knitting hats. This summer (and probably the next one or two summers as well!) will be spent on the appliquéd orange peel quilt.

So, speaking of the cabin, we spent the Easter long weekend there last week. The weather was spectacular. It was the first day that the sun was warm enough to sit out and enjoy it.



And, since the April We Be Learning Bee block was posted, I decided that that would be my weekend project. April is Jody’s month, and she requested a scrap basket wonky log cabin. So I grabbed my scrap bag and took it with me. I decided that I would make this modern wonky block in a very traditional fashion – hand pieced! So I sat out in the sun and sewed one strip onto the next with needle and thread. I even put my antique iron on the wood stove and used it to press the seams. That was very cool. My stitches are neither the smallest nor the straightest ever made, but I think the square will be sturdy enough. At least, I hope so.







I read two books at the lake as well: Round Robin and then The Runaway Quilt, both by Jennifer Chiaverini. The Runaway Quilt is what inspired me to try piecing the wonky log cabin square by hand. I need to go back to the library and see if they have any other books in the series, as it’s a good one!

We had the telescopes with us, and got in some good viewing of a pretty active solar corona as well as sun spots with the solar scope. Here he is – what a beautiful day!

And he also got three clear nights in a row stargazing with his TeleVue. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of that since it was night and I’d be in more trouble than I can imagine if I snapped the flash at him!

Every one loves coming to the cabin. There’s Spooky in her favourite place…the middle of the bed.




Here’s Misty in her favourite place. Can you see her hiding there?









I think Samson loves the sun more than the rest of us.







When we got home on Monday, I finished a half-triangle square that I had started last week. I’ll need more than the 12 that we’ll be making in the In Color Order half-triangle squares BOM, so when I saw this pattern, I thought I would add it to the collection.





As usual, since it’s Work-in-Progress Wednesday, I’m linked in to The Needle and Thread Network, Sew Much Ado and Freshly Pieced, so head on over and check out what other crafters are up to!

That was my long weekend, a little bit late but better than never! How was yours?

Christmas in March!

Kelly got home today from nearly 2 weeks in Vancouver & the Fraser Valley, and he came bearing gifts! I had sent him with a shopping list for Hamels Fabrics in Chilliwack along with a quilt top that I wanted him to pick border & binding fabric for. He has a great colour sense and I knew he would make good choices. Here’s what he brought back with him:

The fabric is gorgeous and his choices for borders and binding were brilliant… exactly what I was hoping for. But did you notice that cutie-pie of a sewing machine?

It’s called a Sew Cute. It sews only straight stitches, comes with a foot control, has a see-thru bobbin case, runs on four AA batteries and comes with an AC/DC adapter, is 8″ tall and weighs 826 grams. And it’s yellow! It will be absolutely perfect for using out at the cabin. I can’t wait to try it out! Yay! Kelly did  GOOD!

But wait! Kelly did even better than that! I had sent him down with the shopping list for fabric, but he came home with one thing that I totally didn’t expect.

He bought me….wait for it! … purple Fluevogs!!! YES! Yesyesyes! Whoop! OMG, I can’t contain myself!

Thank you Kelly!  You are the absolute bestest husband EVER!!! Here is my reaction when I opened them:

Wa hoo!