Book Coaching

Working with a Book Coach is Active Learning!

Do you have an idea for a novel but you’re having trouble getting started? Or perhaps you’ve written a first draft but you need someone to guide you through revising?

Do you struggle with some aspects of craft and yearn for someone to not just explain how craft rules and guidelines work, but show you? Or maybe you’re feeling vulnerable around writing and you just need someone to nurture you through the process.

I’m an Author Accelerator trained book coach, which means that walking beside you, helping you understand craft and cheering you on as you apply it to your own pages is what I’m all about.

Working with a book coach is a personalized experience. I meet you where you’re at and we work together to get you where you want to go. You’ll come away from the process a better, more confident writer.

Classic Book Coaching


Editorial feedback, accountability, and emotional support. I’ll listen, help you brainstorm, and guide you past the roadblocks as you write!

Classic coaching is purchased in a bulk package of six deadlines, where you’ll submit up to 20 pages of new or edited writing for me to provide feedback on. We’ll also touch base with a monthly call as well as ongoing email support.

Deadlines typically fall twice per month to keep you accountable to your goals, and must be used within four months.

Book Blueprint


Using Author Accelerator’s respected Blueprint for a Book materials, I will guide you through a series of exercises aimed at figuring out what you want to say, how you want to say it, and why. You’ll get a solid start on an Inside Outline, write a first chapter draft, and come away with some clarity around your story.

The blueprint consists of four assignments which you can complete in a one-month intensive or over eight weeks with bi-weekly deadlines, whichever works best for you. Each deadline includes a call to go over work done and discuss the next assignment as well as email support.

This package is equally good for writers who haven’t yet begun their book and those who’ve written themselves out into left field and have lost sight of home base.

The initial package must be completed within eight weeks. Additional deadlines can be purchased as desired or required.

Revision Coaching

Step One: purchase a manuscript assessment.

Step Two: depending on what turns up in the assessment, I’ll either have you purchase a classic coaching package of 6 deadlines at a time, start with the book blueprint package, or some combination of the two. Your revision plan will be unique to the needs of your manuscript with the added benefit of helping you become a better writer through the process.

Support and Accountability Coaching for your Writing Life

Do you just want to write without the pressure of having to turn in pages? Do you wish you had the support of an accountability buddy – someone who can listen, guide you past your roadblocks, and tell those crazy doubts where to go?

Because sometimes you just want someone to check in, ask what we’ve written this week, and do a little problem solving. You want a brainstorm buddy who’s got your back. Someone ready to lighten the mood, provide some perspective and maybe even throw in a dance move or two. Am I right?

Coming soon! (and if you’re raring to get started, drop me a line right now and light a fire under me. Let’s do this!)

“Nita’s insights into my manuscript helped me to discover the way to break into the next round of revisions. Her examples illustrated how subtle the difference between telling and showing can be, and her breakdown of the weaknesses in my manuscript will be my guide as I work to take my draft to the next level. Offered with kindness, humour, and tough love, Nita’s comments and editor’s letter have allowed me to see the possibilities of what my novel can become–published!”

Melanie Mantilla