Book Coaching

Working with a Book Coach is Active Learning!

I’m an Author Accelerator trained book coach.

Walking beside you, helping you understand craft, cheering you on and holding you accountable to your goals is what I’m all about.

Do you want to write a book that can help change the world?

Do you want to write the world you want to live in?

I can help.

Classic 1:1 Book Coaching
Nita’s waiting for my pages!

There’s nothing quite as motivating as knowing someone is on the other end of the line, waiting for your pages to pop into their inbox. Get personalized feedback on your manuscript pages and emotional support while you write. I’ll listen, help you brainstorm, guide you past the roadblocks, and help you stay accountable to your goals.

How it works:
You’ll submit up to 20 pages for each submission deadline, on a schedule we’ll determine together.

With each submission you’ll receive:

  • Written feedback on your submission
  • Curated exercises as needed to hone craft skills
  • One 30-minute video chat
  • On-going email support
  • A trained book coach in your corner, cheering you on.

Your investment:

Two submissions per month

This is the best option for making good progress without feeling overwhelmed.

One submission per month

For those writers who prefer to move at a more leisurely pace.

1:1 Revision Coaching

They don’t call it revision hell for nothing! This coaching package is geared to helping your sort out your novel, put a revision plan in place, and then coaching you through it as you do the work.

Coming Soon! I can’t wait to start offering this service!

Book Blueprint:

Starting a novel from scratch? Have an idea but haven’t put any words onto the page yet? Got part way in but don’t have any idea what you want to say?

The Blueprint for a Book package is just for you!

Using Author Accelerator’s respected Blueprint for a Book materials, I will guide you through a series of exercises aimed at figuring out what you want to say, how you want to say it, and why. You’ll get a solid start on an Inside Outline, write a first chapter draft, and come away with some clarity around your story.

The blueprint consists of four assignments completed over four weeks. We’ll have as quick zoom call to go over work done and discuss the next assignment.

Your investment: $900

“Nita’s insights into my manuscript helped me to discover the way to break into the next round of revisions. Her examples illustrated how subtle the difference between telling and showing can be, and her breakdown of the weaknesses in my manuscript will be my guide as I work to take my draft to the next level. Offered with kindness, humour, and tough love, Nita’s comments and editor’s letter have allowed me to see the possibilities of what my novel can become–published!”

Melanie Mantilla