You’ll receive:

  • Personalized, professional feedback written in the pages themselves using the margin comments and track changes feature in MS Word.
  • An editorial letter summarizing my findings, including what’s working well and what needs attention (and why!)
  • Suggested next steps for revision.
  • A list of resources curated to your needs as applicable.
  • A follow-up video call to discuss my feedback and answer any lingering questions.

Your Investment: $450

Getting an edit on chapter one is an entry-level, low-investment option if you’re feeling hesitant or curious about what it’s like to work with me. 😉

You will also receive one 30 minute coaching session via zoom to go over my feedback.

Your Investment: $75

  1. While I may point out grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors the first few times they occur, a prescriptive and/or developmental edit IS NOT a line or copy edit.
  2. I work exclusively in Microsoft Word, using track changes and in-line comments found under the review tab.