Please bear with me – this page is a current work in progress. I promise to have it finished soon, but something is better than nothing, right? If you have a question, please contact me.

What’s the difference between a book coach and an editor?
This is a great question, because both professionals work with words and writers. How much hands-on help you want will determine which you choose to work with.

Basically, an editor is hired on a one-and-done piecework basis. The editor reads your work, lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, and offers suggestions for improvement. You’ll receive feedback in a multi-page editorial letter as well as within the document itself. You take it from there.

Book coaching goes beyond editing. A book coach works with you while you’re writing or revising, and the relationship generally lasts at least several months, up to a year or more. Your book coach will work with you much in the same way a piano teacher and student work together: as editor, mentor, teacher, cheerleader & project manager all rolled into one.

What types of Manuscripts do you work with?
My preferences lean toward literary and upmarket fiction, women’s fiction, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic fiction. I also enjoy working with commercial women’s fiction, romance, and contemporary urban fantasy.

I’m not the best coach for high fantasy, thriller, mystery, erotica, pre-WWI historical fiction, or trauma-based memoir.

If I work with you, will I get published/agented?
As Ben Franklin said, nothing is certain except death and taxes. I can help set you up for success, supporting you as you write the best book you can. I can help you polish it up before submitting to agents, small presses, or undertaking self-publishing. But I can’t guarantee anything beyond that. (And you should run away from anyone who offers you a guarantee as fast as you can!)

Whatever your publishing aspirations are, I believe that the personal satisfaction that comes from working on your writing, improving and developing your craft is a worthy goal all by itself.

How will I be invoiced?
I invoice through PayPal. Because I work with clients all over the world, all prices are in US dollars.