Please bear with me – this page is a current work in progress. I promise to have it finished soon, but something is better than nothing, right? If you have a question, please contact me.

What’s the difference between a book coach and an editor?
This is a great question, because both professionals work with words and writers. How much hands-on help you want will determine which you choose to work with.

Basically, an editor is hired on a one-and-done piecework basis. The editor reads your work, lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, and offers suggestions for improvement. You take it from there.

Book coaching is collaborative. The coach and client work together the same way a piano teacher and student would. Your book coach is editor, guide, teacher, cheerleader & project manager all rolled into one. Like a fitness coach for your manuscript & writing life.

If I work with you, will I get published/agented?
As Ben Franklin said, nothing is certain except death and taxes. I can help set you up for success, supporting you as you write the best book you can. I can help you polish it up before submitting to agents, small presses, or undertaking self-publishing. But I can’t guarantee anything beyond that. (And you should run away from anyone who offers you a guarantee as fast as you can!)

How will I be invoiced?
I invoice through PayPal. All prices are in US dollars.
Exception: fellow Canadians can pay in CDN dollars as long as they can do an e-transfer rather than through PayPal.