What’s the difference between a book coach and a developmental editor?

This is a great question, because both professionals work with words and writers. How much hands-on help you want will determine which you choose to work with.

A developmental editor works on a one-and-done piecework basis. The editor reads your work, lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, and offers suggestions for improvement. You take it from there.

Book coaching goes beyond editing. A book coach works with you while you’re writing or revising, and the relationship generally lasts several months, up to a year or more. Your book coach will work with you much in the same way a piano teacher and student work together: as editor, mentor, teacher, cheerleader & project manager all rolled into one. Think of it as “live” developmental editing with craft learning and support.

Some people like a combination of the two. They’ll start off with an edit, do as much as they can on their own, and then come back for revision coaching. The possibilities are endless.

What types of Manuscripts do you work with?

I work with fiction and memoir writers. My preferences lean toward literary, upmarket, and women’s fiction. I also enjoy working with character-based commercial, romance, and urban fantasy.

I’m not the best coach for high fantasy, thriller, mystery, erotica, pre-WWI historical fiction, or trauma-based memoir.

If I work with you, will I get published/agented?

As Ben Franklin said, nothing is certain except death and taxes. I can help set you up for success, supporting you as you write the best book you can. I can help you polish it up before submitting to agents, small presses, or undertaking self-publishing. But I can’t guarantee anything beyond that. (And you should run away from anyone who offers you a guarantee as fast as you can!)

Whatever your publishing aspirations are, I believe that the personal satisfaction that comes from working on your writing, improving and developing your craft is a worthy goal all by itself.

How will I be invoiced, and in what currency?

I invoice through PayPal. Because I work with clients all over the world, all prices are in US dollars.

Canadians living in Canada: please speak with me.