Truth: it’s almost impossible to clearly see our own work. The stories playing so vibrantly in our heads are in our blind spot on the page.

Why? Because our own knowledge of the story blocks the view. There’s actually a term for that: it’s called the burden of knowledge.

I know! It sounds crazy, but this is why you need fresh eyes on your work. Specifically, fresh eyes that know what they’re looking at.

That’s where editors come in. Not just to help you see what’s not on the page, but to help you get it there.

Comprehensive Manuscript Assessment
(also known as a developmental edit)

Investment: $0.03 USD per word.

(to give you an idea, that would be $1800 USD for a 60,000 word manuscript)

Once we agree to work together, you will submit:

  • A completed intake questionnaire designed to introduce me to you and your novel
  • Your manuscript pages submitted in standard manuscript format. *
  • …and we’ll hop on a zoom call as well for a meet & greet and to talk about your manuscript.

You will receive:

  • Personalized, professional feedback on all aspects of your manuscript in the form of a robust editorial letter summarizing your novel’s strengths and weaknesses at the foundational levels, including specific notes on narrative drive, show/tell balance, pacing, characterization, dialogue, etc.
  • In-line comments, suggestions and questions using Word’s track-changes tool in the manuscript itself on at least the first 50 pages. More if I’m not repeating myself.
  • Practical, specific suggestions for revisions that are aimed at making your story stronger and improving your skills as a writer. This includes links to articles and/or resources specific to your needs.
  • A follow-up call at the end to discuss my feedback and answer any lingering questions. This call is optional. Some folks prefer to communicate by email, and that’s okay too.

Note: While I may point out grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors the first few times they occur, this edit IS NOT a copy edit or proof read.

*All work must be submitted in industry standard formatting:

MS Word (.doc or .docx); Times New Roman; 12-point font; 1-inch margins; double-spaced; no extra spaces between lines.

No exceptions.

1:1 Revision Coaching

Revise with a book coach and editor by your side!

They don’t call it revision hell for nothing! This coaching package is geared to helping your sort out your novel, put a revision plan in place, and then coaching you through it as you do the work.

Coming Soon! I can’t wait to start offering this service!

“As I’m really digesting your comments, I’m even more grateful for your time and attention to the story detail. Your suggestions are a great boost and are really going to help me make some improvements.”

Susan Morris