Good Morning, Sunshine!

My goodness, it is HARD to get out of bed on Monday morning! I just couldn’t get my eyes open. It was hot, so I woke up feeling loggy (is that actually a word?) and stuffed up and just could not motivate myself to get moving. However, in keeping to my commitment to maintaining my morning practice, I rolled out of the bed (better late than never), stiff-walked into the bathroom and then straight into the yellow room. Fired up the computer & fed the cats while it turned itself on. Put in a 20 minute yoga DVD and rolled out my mat & put on my shorts & t-shirt while it set up. I yawned through practically the entire thing, but I did it and I was glad. 🙂 Had my cereal & banana for breakfast, grabbed my lunch (chili – see yesterday’s post) and got on my bike.
Oh, my – what a beautiful morning for a bike ride! Not a cloud in the sky. Birds singing. Breeze wafting. Just lovely! I had decided to wear a skirt to work today since the weather is so hot. I think that may have been a mistake, though, as the ride was very …. refreshing…as my skirt kept riding up my legs. At least I gave local traffic something to smile at, eh? LOL!

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