WIP Wednesday!

Today is WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday! Lots of crafty people like to blog on Wednesdays about what they’ve got “in progress”, so I think I’ll join the crowd today and show you what I’m working on. Yay!

I’m part of the We Be Learning on-line Quilt Bee. There are 12 ladies participating, and each is assigned one month of the year. Each person picks a beginner-level square and specifies the colour scheme when it is her month, then we each make that square and mail it to her. So over the course of the year I will have the opportunity to learn to make 12 different squares, work with colours and combinations I might not otherwise use, and also receive 12 squares of my own to sew together into my own quilt. My month is July and I’m already thinking about which pattern to choose.

This month (February) is my friend Dee‘s month and she choose a log cabin square made out of florals and with a black starting block. So, last week I made Dee’s square plus an extra one for me (I’ll be making an extra each month so will end up with a sampler quilt at the end as well!) Here they are. The one on the Left with the crocus is Dee’s.







Last week I finally finished the top for a quilt that will be going to Kelly’s cousin. She is only 54 and is recovering from a stroke. Her hospital room in Vancouver could use some cheery colour. It’s about all I can think of to do to help out since I am so far away. There will be an entire blog post on the construction of this quilt soon!






And last week I also put it together with the backing & batting, basted it and put it into the frame for hand quilting. I’ve been working on the hand quilting in the evenings and am nearly half finished already!







And for my own personal work-in-progress as I deal with menopausal depression, I will be spending time this week with an anti-depressant skills work book.  I am hoping that it will contain some good ideas that I can incorporate into my recovery plan.

Wishing you all happy stitches this week!


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