WIP Wednesday rolls around again!

Goodness, Wednesday sure does roll around in a hurry! This week I stumbled upon a new  block-of-the-month party and decided I wanted to join. This one had already started, but I was only 2 blocks behind and figured I could catch up. Each month will be a different half-square triangle block, so that’s pretty easy and should be easy for me to keep up with.  This quilt will be going to my sister, but she will have to wait an entire year for it, lol! The website is called In Color Order and here are the January & February blocks, which I made this week:





The other block-of-the-month party I participate in is on Eleanor Burn’s (Quilt in a Day) Facebook page. These blocks are NOT easy beginner blocks! They are HARD! LOL!  Each month I look at the pattern with trepidation. Each month I rip as many seams as I sew in. But each month I finish and have learned something new.  This month’s block called for the use of rulers that I didn’t have. Probably an experienced quilter could have made them anyway, but considering that I couldn’t even visualize the block by reading the instructions,  I didn’t want to chance it. So I ordered the rulers. I figure that to get good at a skill you have to have the right tools. Here are the rulers: “perfect corners” ruler and “triangle in a square” ruler. Both are from the Quilt in a Day website.




The rulers just came in the mail on Monday, so I got the square made just in the nick of time. If it wasn’t a leap year I wouldn’t have made the block by the end of the month. Here is block #5 (February) and is called “Storm at Sea:”







And arrgggh! Looking at it here on the screen, I see that I sewed in all 4 of the corner squares backwards.  Well too bad. I don’t have the patience to rip it apart again. And besides, as the Amish say, “only god makes perfection”. Of course, they are also known to sew a mistake into their quilts on purpose. Sewing a quilt too perfectly is definately not a problem I share!





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