A little bit of Giggle

Here it is at 2:10 in the morning. Since I can’t sleep, I thought I would play around in my website and put some photos in the Galleria tab that have been long neglected. I wanted to update the quilt photos, and also start adding my dance photos. I have had such pleasure choosing which photos to include! I haven’t gotten very far…only three of my Rockin’ the Casbah solo pieces, and I haven’t even started on Saba, but I am overwhelmed with the feelings of joy that reminiscing through these pictures is bringing me. I hear the music in my head. Such fun and lovely music! Look for upcoming posts as I let you know when the albums are updated. Enjoy! And if you saw any of these dances on the stage, leave a comment and tell me what you remember best!

The fun thing about lots of pictures, is that there are inevitably the goofy ones, eh? Some of ’em just beg for a caption.  Here are a few that are good for a giggle:


  1. Well, I happen to know that in the end you got lots of great shots, anyway! 🙂 I find that my “in-action” shots are usually pretty goofy. I make a LOT of faces when I sing!

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