What I did on my summer vacation

Oh, I have had a marvelous summer! Not even counting my trip to Australia (which I promise to write about – maybe a good topic for a dreary winter day) – I have just had the best summer ever! Here are some highlights:

Gardening! I love my gardens. This year we took apart the raised vegetable beds from she shady side of the yard and moved them to the sunny south side, re-built them into new (leaner, meaner) shapes and then moved the dirt. They’ll get planted next year. The rest of the gardens supported flowers (of course!), green beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage & potatoes. I also have rhubarb (who doesn’t, eh?) and raspberries. I keep strawberries in planters on the deck.






 …a little obvious, don’t you think?


This year we went to Haines for the very first time with our friends George & Dee. We’ve lived in the Yukon for over 20 years and this was our first trip to Haines.  We had a great time – Thanks, George! Thanks, Dee!


Camping at Desdeash Lake


Crossing the US border to Haines, Alaska.



I caught my first fish! Two nice sockeye salmon. <3

We weren’t the only ones catching fish! This gorgeous mama bear was there with her two cubs.


We spent every single weekend out at Fox:





visiting with friends…


♥  ♥  ♥

Here’s the newest member of the family…grand fur-baby Zeus.

Emilie bought her first home, and we helped her and Michael move in.

We went camping in Juneau…

my cutie-patootie


best friends…is anything in life more important?


Happy summer!

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