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A few days ago Kelly was getting wood from the wood pile and found these:

This is very interesting! What is it? Bath beads! You know, those geletin bubbles filled with scented bath oil. So…how in the world did they get into our wood pile, of all places?!? It’s the craziest thing. They were very deliberately placed there, safe & snug between two pieces of wood and then more wood carefully placed on top and around them. Definately not something a squirrel could do. So…if you are reading this post and laughing your head off at us trying to solve the mystery, let me just say thank you! Thanks for the joke, and thanks for the lovely bath I enjoyed that evening, and thanks for adding a little mystery & laughter into our lives.

I have been enjoying spending time with Emilie, my son’s significant other (my daughter “in-common-law” – there must be a better term than that!) Anyway, she has been making her first quilt and I have been helping/coaching her. Sort of like the blind leading the blind, but we managed.  For her first project, she chose to make a lap quilt for her mom for Christmas. The pattern is a Double IrishChain. I know that her mom is going to love it – and especially love the fact that Emilie made it  herself, because when you are making something like this, the recepient is in your thoughts & heart the entire time. I’d like to thank Emilie’s mom for sharing her with me! Em is a very creative young woman with a great sense of colour and pattern.








I think Michael was feeling left out. On the evening that Emilie and I were basting the quilt sandwich, Michael brought over his own sewing project: mending some of Zeus’s stuffed toys! 

Second to last for This & That: I went shopping and came up with this outfit. I love it! (even if you can’t tell by the expression on my face!)

And Last but not Least for This & That: Last week I became a lifetime Weight Watchers member!  Yay me!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt! I love the pattern. And I love that picture of Mike! And I LOOOVE that skirt! Congratulations on becoming a lifetime member, Nita — you are such an amazing woman!!

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