Rockin’ the Casbah Notes: Soloists/Amber

 Amber was in position number three in the line up. First the Big Band did a feature piece: “Land of Make Believe”, followed by Andrameda’s metal fusion with sword, and then a Sharqi number by Amber.  What a perfect and perfectly eclectic trio to open the show with! Amber came to us about 3 years ago as a new Yukoner. She has been dancing about 10 years, and came as a student to me from a contemporary of mine who I had the great pleasure of meeting on the occasion of attending Hadia’s teacher training levels 2 & 3 several years ago. Amber has a bellydance background similar to my own, learning mainly by self- study and practice between private sessions. She had her own classes and troupe in Fort Saint John, and loves taking classes and being part of Saba…no diva lives in this girl’s heart!  I will be first in line to say how much we love and appreciate her with her beautiful, happy temperament, sense of humour, “how can I help” attitude, grace under pressure and joy of the dance. Rockin’ the Casbah is her first big stage show with Saba. Very exciting! She had an OMG I can’t believe I’m dancing on this stage excitement around her – very fun! Amber is a lovely dancer, and performed a very cute piece that was choreographed by her former teacher – what a lovely tribute! Dance on, Amber, and thank you!

photos by Alistair Maitland

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