Rockin the Casbah Notes: Raqs Bedaya

If you’ve been reading my casbah notes, you’ll have noticed right away that this was a really fun show. Everything about it was fun. Including this dance.  And there is a story behind this dance (of course!). As you may know, I have quite an extensive DVD library. I often buy a DVD and then find that I already know the material. But that’s okay because even if the material isn’t new to me, I can glean a new perspective on it or find a different way of presenting the material in class. And since there aren’t any classes for me to take here in town, I enjoy just putting on a DVD and dancing along … it’s nice to follow somebody else’s lead instead of being the leader all the time. Makes for good drills. So anyway, at the back of one of these DVDs there was a very nice choreography taught to a song that I have liked for a long time called Raqs Bedaya off of one of the Yousry Sharif Wash ya Wash CDs.When I heard the song, I said “I know that song -I LOVE that song!” So I watched the performance. While the technical material was intermediate, the choreography that she tied it all together with was quite advanced (or seemed that way to me).And I loved it! I abolutely loved everything about it! I loved her cheeky attitude. I loved her lightness of step and heavyness of hips. I could see myself in that dance. So … I learned it! I followed the chapters and learned the combinations one by one. While I was learning each combination, I allowed myself the freedom to change it as I pleased. In the end, parts are definately Jenna’s and parts are definately mine. The piece is a hybrid of choreography that I had an absolute blast learning & doing. And – best part yet – it is a blast to dance! Fun fun fun!

The Big Band makes an interesting back drop, eh?

 And of course there is the perk of being able to wear that outfit! 60 pounds seemed like a long time ago when I danced that night!

One of my favourite moments in the dance…a cute undulating backwalk, Saiidi style.

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