Birthday with the family

I was in such a good mood that day – all the people popping into the office & wishing me a happy birthday – it was awesome. I was so happy that I decided that I would go into town and buy a dress that I had my eye on.  I had actually bought a new “birthday” dress only last Monday – a tropical-hot dress/shrug/earrings & shoes! But this 2nd dress was still in my mind (and behind the counter waiting for me, LOL!) A black & cream dress with a twirly skirt – I loved it! So after work I bopped on down and picked it up. I wore it to dinner with Kelly & the kids that night. Who could turn down a dress with a flare like that? Not me!


 Later that afternoon Val dropped in with greetings and a fun gift from the dance troupe which is inside the balloon (how the heck?) and stayed for a glass of wine.


Kelly, Michael, Emilie & I went out for sushi for supper, where there were presents from the kids (quilting books, soaps & gift certificates! my favourite things!) Much good food, tea & laughter was had by all. 🙂


 After supper, we drove to the college to pick up the signs from the side of the road (see previous posting, “turning 50 at the office”). Michael & Emilie had some fun with the signs along the way, running down the middle of the street with them & honking the horn! What a goofy family!

The perfect day ended with cake (of course!)

Here is my  family. I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful and caring husband. He makes me feel special every day. And how did I manage to raise a son with so much sense of humour? He sure takes after his dad that way! And his partner, Em, grows more in my heart each day. What a wonderful family I have – I love them so much! ♥


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