Well we were finally able to spend a weekend at the lake. It feels like forever since we were able to get out there, but has probably only been a month, really.  Our sweet little cabin, where stress is unknown and peaceful relaxation a given.

  The 11am nap. Of course, nobody is awake to take my picture! We both nap at least once (often twice) a day while there – can’t beat that!






What a beautiful day!











And what a beautiful night!






Terrific amenities…






How was Your weekend?





  1. Wow! Such a nice cabin!! One or two naps a day! I don’t think I could do it though it sounds nice. I’d be outside wandering around. That’s how I grew up, exploring outside and I loved it so much. We were 5 in a 700 sq ft? house. I don’t know exactly but it was small!! And if you hung around inside, mother would find something that she needed you to do.

    1. Exactly right! That’s why it’s me taking the picture and not him, lol! I am the one sitting in the absolute quiet with my book or needlework (and camera).

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