Another Look at the Sky at Night

I’ve gotten into the habit of reading quilting blogs, and I am always impressed by the fabulous photos of the quilts on them. When I finished Amber’s quilt I took a few mildly “artsy” photos and they turned out great! Then when I finished Nora’s “stars in her eyes” quilt, I got a little braver and really had fun photographing from different angles etc. So I’ve been looking around at what else I can play “camera” with, and realized that I don’t have nice pictures of two quilts in particular.  That gave me an excuse to take my camera out to the lake and have a little bit of fun with my trusty little point and shoot . Today I’m going to show you “sky at night”,  the quilt I made  for Michael way back in 1996.

I’m also linking up with Lily’s Quilts for A Fresh Sewing Day and a Small Blog Meet. Check them out!

Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts

Now on to the pictures!






  1. I’m repaying the favour, coming over from the small blog meet.

    The colours in your photos are lovely autumnal colours not like the grey we usually have here in the UK.
    Sarah x

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