One Yukon Minute: Sept 29, 2012 @ Fox Lake Campground

This month I’m joining Blogtoberfest with the goal of blogging as many days this month as I can. Since I don’t have internet at theLake, I’ll probably miss the Saturday posts, but that’s okay. I’ll be blogging in spirit. Visit the Blogtoberfest link on the sidebar and check out what everyone else has to say this month!

Today I would like to offer you another Yukon minute. The purpose of One Yukon Minute is to give you a chance to escape from the busyness of your day and take a moment to simply breathe and reflect. I invite you to turn on your speakers, press “play”, and enjoy one meditative minute on the house. Try it – it’s free!

This is the stream at Fox Lake campground, taken September 29th, 2012.

Another Look at the Sky at Night

I’ve gotten into the habit of reading quilting blogs, and I am always impressed by the fabulous photos of the quilts on them. When I finished Amber’s quilt I took a few mildly “artsy” photos and they turned out great! Then when I finished Nora’s “stars in her eyes” quilt, I got a little braver and really had fun photographing from different angles etc. So I’ve been looking around at what else I can play “camera” with, and realized that I don’t have nice pictures of two quilts in particular.  That gave me an excuse to take my camera out to the lake and have a little bit of fun with my trusty little point and shoot . Today I’m going to show you “sky at night”,  the quilt I made  for Michael way back in 1996.

I’m also linking up with Lily’s Quilts for A Fresh Sewing Day and a Small Blog Meet. Check them out!

Lily's Quilts
Lily's Quilts

Now on to the pictures!






I stood on my deck this morning watching the leaves fall into the yard. Not a breath of wind. Absolutely quiet and still. The only movement the flutter of a leaf as it fell. The only sound a soft whisker. One by one. Summer is ended. Autumn is here in all her glory.

Autumn is Whispering

It seems that summer has only just arrived in Whitehorse, but Autumn is already whispering to us: “…here I come: in the newly dark night, in the sun warm on your back and the wind crisp in your face, in the last of the blooming roses, the sweetness of raspberries and the first turning of gold, I am coming.”

End of summer in my garden:
















And here is Sammy, desperately trying to hatch the last of the summer strawberries before Jack Frost takes them:








What does the end of summer look like in your garden?