A Pretty Box of Sticks and One more Yukon Minute

Last Christmas I got two really cute mugs from my friend Dee because she knows my weakness for cute coffee cups. But better than that, they came in a really cute box. I love boxes. L. O. V. E. boxes. They are so handy! You never know when you’re going to need a good box (much to hubby’s dismay as the shed is over crowded with them). Now, don’t get me wrong…I also love these cups and use them all the time. But the box was just so adorable! I knew that someday I would find just the right thing to store in it.

 Turns out they are the perfect size for my knitting needles! Yay!

Michael is over for supper tonight (roast chicken, yum!) and brought our fur grand-baby (Zeus) with him.

Spooky is not so thrilled.

And last but not least, you can relax for a minute with One Yukon Minute. Taken yesterday at the Yukon River.

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