Going on retreat!

I think I’m overdue for a post! I’m experimenting with this one…I’m going to try posting from my iPad. Never done it his way before, and there’s no time like the present, eh? And speaking of presents, I’m giving myself one tomorrow! What? Yes!!

Tomorrow I am going away for a week. I am going on a retreat of sorts, I guess you could call it. I’m taking a 5 day course called Come Alive at The Haven.

The Haven is located on beautiful Gabriola Island, BC. Never mind that it is raining down there as I type and is forecasted to rain every day all week (well,really, what do you expect, Nita, going to a rainforest in November!) but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to cozy evenings after class is over to sit and visit with new friends, knitting in my hands.

Yup, I’m taking knitting with me instead of sewing. I have some slippers to get working on if I’m going to make a Christmas deadline. And there is a cool knit shop in Nanaimo that I hope to visit if there’s time before catching the ferry. Oh! I adore ferries!

Of course I’ll miss hubby and the fur babies…but I think it’s good to go off and do our own thing once in awhile.

I’ll try to blog while I’m away…keep you all in touch about this next stage in my healing and balance journey. That is why I’m trying out blogging from the iPad today.

And now for the last experiment…a photo! Here is what I have been working on instead of packing.

It’s part of a special new exciting project that I will tell you all about soon! Promise!

Okay, now I am going to cross my fingers and tap “publish” and see what happens. I’m seeing a lot of HTML code where the links and photo are supposed to be.

Here I go…three…two…one…publish! ( insert zoom noise here)

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