So many things today!

My goodness, I’ve got lots of things to talk about today! So without further ado, I’ll get started!

Today is WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. So I’m linking in and sharing the love! Since the point of WIP Wednesday is to show what you’ve got in progress, here is my offering: Two new 1/2 square triangle blocks for my In Colour Order BOM.

Today (being the last day of the month) is the “New FO” linky party over at Cat Patches, so I’m linking in there, too! What the heck is a New FO, you are asking? Yes, I can hear you! lol! In quilterese, a UFO is an unfinished object. So…a new FO is … hum… it isn’t really a new finished object, although I suppose it could be. It’s more a New O, I guess (not the BIG O – clean up your minds!) A new project that was started during the month. A new project that I started in October is this:

Converging Corners. This is only the first 5 blocks.  It’s my turn for the We Be Learning on-line bee in November, and this is the block I’m asking for. I’ll talk more about this project in another post.

Today is Halloween, and I dressed up as an Aging Hollywood Starlet. Fun! Yukon College is a great place to work at halloween…everyone dresses up and the on-site daycare trick-or-treats down the halls.

And last but not least, I finally go in to see the hairdresser after work today. I love my new cut!  It’s so….ME!




  1. Great project. Thanks for linking up. Oh and BTW, I always heard that UFO = unfinished fabric object. Therefore New FO = New Fabric Object.

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