A colossal…

…screw up. Totally awesome in dimension. It would be really bad form to actually swear on the blog. I know. But…Aaaarrrrghhhhh! Okay. Why all the drama, Nita?

Well! The January We Be Learning Bee is paper pieced. Am I intimidated by paper piecing? You betcha! But it is called “We Be Learning” and let me emphasize the “learning” bit. So okay. I swallow my fears and dive into it. I read the directions. Many times. I asked questions (also many times). I thought I understood what I was going to do (ha!). I dig through my stash and find the right colours. I cut them into strips and sew them back together. So far so good, although I am a bit appalled at the amount of fabric wastage. But that’s okay, I think, because this is the only time I’m ever going to do paper piecing – I sure wouldn’t choose to do it if it weren’t this month’s block for the bee just because of so much waste (and I just can’t afford to buy as much fabric as I would like to, anyway, let alone waste so much!). But no matter…that is what scrap quilts are for, right? Using up all the waste from other projects?

I was feeling pretty good when I got to this part…hey, look at me! I’m paper piecing! It’s kinda cool!







I’m learning something new! I’m not a paper-piecing virgin any more! And so I sew merrily away and forget all about reading the instructions for the 300th time. When I finally remember, it is too late.






Aarrggghhhh! stomp stomp stomp! howls, beats breast, pulls out hair.

And since I have now used up and wasted every bit of both the background grey AND the blues & greens requested, I must drive to the quilt shop and buy more. Which means I am going to be in trouble with Mr. C, who is the keeper of the family budget, because today is sale day at the quilt shop. Which is sort of like putting an alcoholic in a room full of single malt scotch.

That’s my Saturday blues




  1. oh no! There are a few ladies in the bee that have made the block maybe they can walk you though it again.
    I am not a fan of paper piecing either, but I am sure it will work out!!!

  2. Oohh Nita!! I’m so so sorry to hear this isn’t going as planned.

    I’m going to try and make one tomorrow …. so we’ll see on Tuesday if it actually made it or not! 🙂

    (Good luck with the quilt shop!! I still have a hefty gift certificate to play with!)

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