Tuesday my son sent me a text message and asked if I would be performing anywhere this year. I texted back, “probably not.” And then, “maybe”.

Depression took this away from me. Can I take it back?

Yesterday I went to the physiotherapist for back, hip & knee issues, only to unpleasantly realize that this is what happens to a body that stops dancing. Her prescription? Start dancing again.

Today while doing homework over lunch, I had a panic thought. It hit me in the middle of my chest: I have stopped dancing! A tear ran down my cheek as I realized what I had done.

My heart, oh my heart!



  1. That is the road to mental health, up and down. You are not the dancer you were yesterday, who knows about tomorrow. Just remember to be gentle with yourself on this journey.

  2. When you dance, dance for you… don’t need to tie yourself up with teaching (although you are a wonderful teacher) to dance. Take only the parts you love and just do it.

  3. It does not go away. It is still in your body. And the door doesn’t close.

    You don’t have to return to it, but it is always available to you.

    Much love, my dear friend

  4. Oh Nita … You have a way of reaching my heart . I too just had a tear just roll down my cheek. Not because you have stopped dancing , because i just had an image of you in my mind . You are on stage at the Yukon Arts Center … All eyes are on you and we are captivated in our seats. Feelings of pride for my teacher and overwhelming JOY !!!

    You will dance again Nita , in your own time. When that day comes it will be magic once again for you. (((((SQUISHY HUG )))))

  5. Oh, my beautiful friend! You are still a dancer in your heart, and it’s how I always see you.

    And… you can begin again.

    Wishing you joy and peace. You already have love.

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