Dottering Middle Age

I wore my purple dress, purple shoes and crochet shrug to work this morning. Half-way through the morning I noticed that I was no longer wearing the shrug. Feeling a wee bit chilly, I felt around behind me on the back of my chair, looking with my hands to slip the sweater back on. No shrug. Huh? I got up and looked around my desk. No shrug. Not on the floor. Not in the drawer (why would it be in there anyway?). Not anywhere in the office! How strange! I walked down the hall to the file cabinet. No shrug. I walked to the ladies room and looked in my usual stall. No shrug. No shrug on the hook behind the door (who knows…). No shrug beside the sinks. I did wear it this morning, didn’t I? I am sure I was wearing it…

Then I remembered walking to the student residence building earlier in the morning, and so I retraced my steps. Out of my office and out of the side doors I  go,  across the parking lot, and there! in the middle of the parking lot! in a pathetic little heap of abandoned linen crochet, is my shrug!

Now tell me please, how does one’s sweater just happen to fall off of one’s body without one noticing?

Maybe I need to visit the doctor for a mental acuity test.

On another note, does anyone remember which episode this picture belongs to?

I don’t either.



  1. Star Trek “Assignment: Earth”

    Since reaching the magic age, I forget everything. My husband claims (I dispute it) that I have put two of his watches somewhere safe. I am not allowed to be left in charge of any paperwork of importance – again, I will put it somewhere “safe”.

    Have a great week.


  2. ahahaha….that is so funny (mainly because one day the last week of school I commented on the number of items in the lost and found and “How can they not notice???”. Shortly after a little grade 1 student came up to me and said “I found this up on the hill by the parking lot”. I put out my hand and he handed me a pink hoodie that was soaked (from the rain the day before). I looked down and there was my hoodie (I could have sworn that it was on my banister when I left for school!!) lol

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