Looking forward…

I didn’t depart today as planned. The weather forecast wasn’t acceptable. Tomorrow looks much better. If I had left today, I would have been driving into a storm warning. The storm will have passed by the time I leave tomorrow morning, and from the looks of the forecasts, I should have clear and cold to accompany me down. I will try my best to post every day, so stay tuned!

I spent today packing at my leisure and loading the car. What a jigsaw puzzle it was, getting everything to fit. I thought for awhile that I wouldn’t be able to make it work, but it actually came together just fine. There isn’t room for a flea, though. Honestly!

Meanwhile, Kelly has been busy getting the house ready for my arrival. He sent some before & after photos to me today. Hold onto your seats, the transformation is stunning! I can’t wait to get there and unpack all my boxes and hang up all my pictures and settle in.


before 1before 2before 3

















after 1after 2after 3
















Keeping the bed warm:






  1. What a difference in the kitchen! Just painted??

    So glad to hear you waited on the weather. My folks live in Northern BC and they said the roads are so horrible right now. Drive safe!

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