The Australia Quilt (part 1)

In April, 2010, Mr. C and I traveled to Australia.

001To buy some fabric.

002Well no, actually. We went so that Mr. C. could fulfill a life-long dream of doing his astronomy thing under the Southern Night Sky.

005But of course, I bought some fabric.

007I bought 12 fat quarters of these beautiful prints, designed by Aboriginal women who live in Alice Springs.015No, we didn’t go to Alice Springs. But we did go to The Plague and I in Canowindra, New South Wales, which is pronounced “Can-an-dra,” by the way (not Can-o-win-dra like it’s written).

I’m finally making our Australia Quilt, a variation on the disappearing 9-patch, using this pattern:

Image of impromptu quilt pattern #108I’ve done lots of this:

011Followed by lots of this (yes, that’s a seam ripper, lol!):

013Next step is cutting those beautiful 9-patches up so that they disappear. eek!

028All the while, Mr C (for carpenter) has been busily building a gate.

026What are you doing today?


  1. Nina I would love to see the finished result. I have recently finished a quilt with squares framed by black and then a colour in the prints and black smashing it has taken a long time as I did a queen size mum ended up with it I should have put a boarder on it so I was a little dissapointed when I was making it for me. Now I have been asked by a friend can I make one for a birthday present so I have been trying to see ideas of other quilts and it was good to see it in white. Thanks your quilt will also look beautiful. This was my first machine quilt as I like to do appliqué by hand so my quilts do take me a long time to finish. Jenny

  2. Beautiful fabrics – I find the first cut is the hardest! and, LOL are those leaves on your trees???

  3. Looking forward to the next pictures! Today the girls and I hosted a little friend at our house in the morning, and then we went swimming with another little friend in the afternoon. Oh, and I wrote an article for What’s Up, Yukon. March Break is a busy time…

  4. What beautiful fabric! It seems like whenever we go on a trip fabric stores are part of our itinerary. A few weeks ago I brought back some “beach fabric” from a trip to Florida. But, I’m not a quick as you about working it up! Can’t wait to see your progress on this one!

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