A Wedding Quilt for Pam

In 2012, Jenny at In Color Order hosted a block of the month party. Every month she posted a quilt square made of 1/2 triangle squares. Every month I made the block and stuck it away in a box.

034At the end of the year, I had 12 blocks, one for every month.

016Pam was always interested in the monthly blocks, and oooo’d and ahhhh’d over them as the stack grew. She really loved the batik colours. So I decided early on that this quilt would be hers someday. However, I am a slow quilter, and so I emphasize the “someday!”

019At the end of the year, I assembled my 12 blocks and decided that it wasn’t quite big enough. So I made three more for a 3×5 grid. Long and skinny. Perfect for the back of a couch or a good snuggle while watching a movie.

015This sampler quilt is also perfect for Pam because I think it reflects her personality. She loves trying new things. She will appreciate the fact that every block is different and yet created from the same foundation (triangle squares).

037In the beginning, I thought the quilt would look good with a green inner border. But I hated it and ripped it right off. Then the quilt top went into a box to be finished someday (did I emphasize “someday” enough?). Here it is with the original green border. Ick!

024 (2)The quilt languished while Mr. C and I put our retirement in order, sold our house and moved to the Shuswap.

026Then Pam got engaged! I realized I had the perfect wedding gift, just waiting in the wings. Out it came and I took it to my local quilt shop to choose the border, batting and backing. That’s always fun…the entire shop gets involved!

027I spent the next several months doing the hand quilting.

039My hands have been bothering me as I’ve developed arthritis, especially in my poor swollen thumb. So this quilt is done in large stitches rather than the tiny ones I had been trying to perfect.

038But you know what? I really like the large stitches. They aren’t big enough to be toenail grabbers, just big enough to not bother my hands as much. I made use of Mr. C’s Leatherman to pull the needle through until he bought me my very own jewelry-maker’s needle nose pliers. 🙂

022This quilt is special for another reason…

036It marked my journey through menopausal depression (blogged here) – I started it the same month I was diagnosed. During that time, I leaned heavily on a small group of friends – especially my buddy-bud Pam.

035Pam and would walk Millennium Trail every single week, almost without fail. She listened and helped me to re-phrase the negative self-talk into positive. When the quilt was finished, I was happy and healthy again 🙂

024So Pam, this one’s for you, with all my love and thankfulness for your friendship now and always!

017 Congratulations on your marriage! I wish for you a lifetime of wonder and joy with your sweetie, John! ♥


075Quilty hugs, always!

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  1. O.k., I love everything about this: the inspiration (BOM blocks, a little now, a little later), the choice of batiks for fabrics (rich and yummy), the “someday” gift promise, the border exchange (the final one was a great choice) and the fulfillment of the gift promise for a very special occasion. Well done on all fronts! Thanks for sharing this at Val’s!!

  2. Hi Nita; I loved reading the story of this quilt and looking at your beautiful hand quilting. I’m a beginner at hand quilting and would love to be as good at it as you!

  3. Such a wonderful story to go with a wonderful quilt! What a great friend you have in Pam! I really love the quilting you did on this quilt!

  4. Oh my what a wonderful story about this quilt. I have a quilt like that, it was one I made after my father in law passed. Isn’t it funny, how when you spend time stitching fabric it comes alive and speaks to you. The big stitching is perfect for this quilt and I am sure your good friend Pam will cherish it!

  5. A beautiful story, a beautiful quilt, and a beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad you changed that border. The new one is fabulous. It is amazing how you receive “tools” when the hubby has to come looking for his! Enjoy your pliers.

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