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Another Vintage New Look 6510: are you kidding me?

Well, what can I say?

007It was Valentine’s Day and for the very first time I was going to a Big Band dance as a general audience member and not as the bari player! A gal needs a new dress for such a monumental occasion, don’t you agree? I mean…I held down the bottom end for what…17+ years… and never heard ’em out front! Not once! Calls for a new dress, don’t ‘cha think?

003And reason #2 (as if I need a reason #2 to sew a dress): the Big Band is in Whitehorse, duh! Which meant that I was going home back to my beloved Yukon for a whole week! In February! Whoot whoot!

Valentines Day 2015I had a fabulous time! My in-laws were there. My sisters-in-law & brother-in-law was there, my niece was there. My number-one-son was there. My girlfriends were there!

006Yes, these photos are taken on the deck of our little cabin in the woods at Fox Lake. In the Yukon! On a very balmy day, I might add! Excuse the wrinkles…suitcase, you know. And while I do have an antique iron at the cabin and can heat it up on the wood stove, I don’t have an ironing board there anymore. (note to Whitehorse friends…if you see a cheep ironing board at the Sally Ann, grab for me!)

014Why yet another version of the vintage New Look 6510 shift dress? Because I only decided to sew the dress the day my flight left. Yup! You read that right. I woke up in the morning and said to myself, “Nita, you have 3 hours. You should sew a Valentine’s Day dress.” And of course the only dress I have ever sewn is this one, and I knew I could do it fast.

013I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the dress as one piece. So I split it at the “adjust length here” line. In retrospect, that was the wrong place. I should have split it at the natural waist. Because when I wear a belt, it sits up on the bottom of my ribcage. Not the most comfortable spot to wear a belt…

008And because I am Thrifty Retirement Girl (♫ insert super-heroine music ♫)… guess what? The dress .25. YES!!! I made this dress for twenty-five cents. Out of three pillowcases. Yes, pillowcases. From the thrift store. Ha Ha!


(this post is dedicated to my friend Cynde who just can’t get over it, lol!)


  1. […] As a newly retired person living on a limited budget, I am hyper-aware of the need to be thrifty, so I mostly practice garment sewing on fabric I get at the thrift store, saving actual fabric store purchases for when I’m more accomplished. Besides, I love experimenting with non-traditional fabric choices. For example, right now I’m wearing a pair of shorts I made out of a tablecloth! See them here.  Or this shift dress I made out of three pillowcases, here. […]

  2. Nita, your .25 pillowcase dress is fabulous and looks amazing on you!!
    I’m so glad your sewing space was featured on Curvy Sewing, I am loving your blog!! 🙂

  3. Hey, Nita, I use the bed as an ironing board. It works pretty well if I throw back the covers. A surprising advantage… I don’t have to find some place to store it when I’m not using it. But I actually had to get an ironing board when I started sewing in earnest again. And sleeves are hard to manage on the bed. Another thought…I have wrinkles on my face. Why not my clothes too? 🙂 I love the pillow case dress. Gotta keep my eyes open for some good pillow cases!

  4. That is fabulous. I love the hemline. Thanks for checking out my dress on my blog. Do call again. Jo x

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