Best Friends Forever (got a lotta lotta hip hip hip)

It was right around This Exact Day in 1979 when I pushed open the door to my dorm room and said hello to my new roomie on moving-in day at Western Washington University.  We have been bosom buddies ever since. There is nothing that we can’t say or talk about with each other.

How blessed we are!

Paula & me 1She drove all the way up here so that we could spend the weekend together and celebrate 36 years of friendship. Happy Anniversary, Paula! My heart is so full!

Nobody says it better than Lucy and Ethel:


  1. I miss my best friend too! I hoping to surprise her next week as well as my mother. I haven’t seen here in 8 yrs and my mother in 3yrs so I know it going to be emotional.

  2. How lovely! My college roomie and I try spend extended time together at least every five years. She lives on the other side of the country, but we think it’s important, especially as the years go by. It’s 50 years this fall for us! We were the only 17-year-olds in the dorm. Funny that we wound up together in the same room! Those are bonds that do not break, aren’t they?

  3. I had so much fun visiting you in your absolutely stunning part of the world! I agree, we are so blessed to have each other, and are the “perfect blendship”! Spiritual sisters to the end and beyond 🙂

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