Fat people do yoga, too

The nicest people will say the most extraordinary things without even thinking about it.

Like one time a friend was describing someone she wanted me to meet. I was told how well educated she was, how varied her interests were, how well she dressed. And then there was an awkward pause. “But she’s, well…you know…(insert hand gestures here) “a little large,” she said, apologizing for her friend’s dress size before introducing her to me.

Or the time I naively made the suggestion to a petite, hard-bodied enthusiastic gym exerciser who was bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t go flat out on the treadmill while she healed from an injury. “Are you kidding me? Yoga isn’t exercise,” she snorted derisively.
“Have you ever tried it?” I asked, thinking about how sore my butt was from the previous day’s class.
“Yeah, I went to a class once. I couldn’t believe it when this fat chick walked in. Then it turns out she’s the teacher. So I left. Jeeze, I could teach her a thing or two about fitness,” she sorted. “Yoga.” Another snort.”

I don’t understand why a person’s dress size should be factored into someone else’s perception of whether or not they can or should participate in fitness activities.

And I don’t understand why Yoga is so often viewed as being just for skinny white chicks.  I mean, come on…

And since when is Yoga not “real” exercise? It’s just as legitimate an exercise option as cycling or walking or running is. A good yoga session can leave me sore the next day after working hips, thighs, bum, abs, shoulders, chest, back and arms – all hallmarks of weight-bearing exercise.

Warrior III April 6, 2016
NitaDances in Warrior III pose

Yes, yoga is meditative. It leaves me feeling relaxed and centered: key factors in maintaining balance in a hectic life.  But so does a good workout in the gym. It’s just apples and oranges, people.

NitaDances in Tree Pose
NitaDances in Tree Pose

Apples and oranges. Sure, there are a lot of bananas, but there are pears and watermelons there, too.


FFat people do yoga, folks. Get over it.




I take on-line yoga classes from Dianne Bondy. I’ll let this little video of Dianne flowing smoothly through a series of asanas to music speak for itself.


  1. How insane that people would think it isn’t exercise! One session of yoga should convince anyone that it IS! Anyone who wants to do yoga, or any other exercise, should do it, with a doctor’s permission, if that’s an issue. Thanks for making that point today.

  2. Awesome post! It’s not just yoga – when people of a certain weight or size are exercising, they must not be doing it properly or enough or they’d be skinny minnies. Well, you know, some people are certain sizes and body shapes and nothing other than fasting for months is going to change that. Doesn’t mean they aren’t strong and powerful too!

  3. It seems like many people just need something to complain about or some quality about them, that when they meet someone who is not the same, they think less of the person. It boggles my mind!

    I’ve had very limited experience with yoga, but what I’ve done, I have enjoyed. I spent a little more time with tai chi and qi gong. I’m all for clear energy pathways.

    LuAnn (approx #369 on the list) @ Back Porchervations.
    (and one of co-host AJ Lauer’s #wHooligans)

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