Following the Lilacs North

The Collins’ are back in the Land of the Midnight Sun!

Last year we followed the unfurling leaves north, but this year we left a couple of weeks later, and so it was the lilacs we followed. Back home in Salmon Arm the lilacs were long finished, but by the time we got to Smithers, two easy days of driving, they were in full glory and I got to enjoy them again. Now, here in Whitehorse, the buds are all closed up tight and won’t open for another couple of weeks.  I look forward to enjoying their sweet-spicy aroma for a third time at the end of June.

new leaves

We didn’t miss the arrival of the Yukon spring entirely, though…we got here just in time to see the last of the leaves unfurl on the shores of Fox Lake.

new leaves2

Let the summer begin!


  1. Enjoy your time there! I know you love it. Now that I know you are there, I’ll send my H2H quilt up this week.

  2. Hi Nita, How long are you in Fox Lake? I could send my quilts to you via Dee? Then you could deliver them while you are there. Does that work for you?
    Have a great vacation!

  3. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy some Yukon time. My husband and I loved our trips to the Yukon. I sent you some Hands2Help quilts on Monday so I was glad to see you made it north safely. I hope they will be useful for your project. Enjoy “lilacs #3”.

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