Good Bye, Dawson City (until next year)

Dear Vi,

Our Yukon summer sojourn is over. We drove away from Dawson City two days ago.

Tomorrow will see the Yukon behind us for another winter.

I took a lot of walks, saw two parades, read a lot of books, made my 60,000 word goal on the next novel, made some new friends, and learned some interesting things this summer. And I still haven’t told you what brought us up here in the first place.

It would be so easy to stay and make a home here…so easy to knit myself into the community.

We’ll be back next summer, for four months this time. Four!I’ve got some planning to do! Maybe I’ll teach a dance class, see if any local writers want to get together, join the fitness club, make a quilt by hand, start another novel…

Life is grand and full of possibilities!


  1. Stepping back in time makes an idyllic story Nita..and you have lived it! Love the pix! Wondering about Sam on the lead…was he tempted to explore?

  2. Dawson City is such a lovely place. We’re kind of hoping to make another visit there next summer, but not 4 months, maybe 4 days! Just wondering – what did take you up there? Something to do with the saw mill, I’m thinking! Have a nice drive home!

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