The Weather Outside: Frightful and Delightful

Dear Vi,

While my friends on the west coast are enjoying a bit of a cool and rainy summer, here in Dawson City, Yukon things have been quite delightful. Well, for the most part, anyway.We did go through a couple of weeks of being choked by smoke from forest fires, but thankfully no longer. Now we are enjoying cool mornings, blazing hot afternoons, and evening thunderstorms.There’s something shivery and delightful about being cozy inside while the storm rages at your door. Especially when you’re living in a tin can (er…travel trailer) as we are.Thunderstorms also make for great photography.Unfortunately, they also make more forest fires.Have you enjoyed a good crack and boom thunderstorm lately?


  1. Hi. Moved to new community as well and I am certainly identifying with your goals. Sandy down here in southern Manitoba but we still get thunderstorms and things have been wet lately. yay for summer fun! I have started blogging again as we enter a new season of our lives and I must say I missed blogging

  2. Your photographs make me want to visit Dawson and stay in the red hotel with the balcony. Is that other one actually open for business? I’m sorry about the forest fires, though. Bad for your breathing, and terrible to see the devastation, though I know there are trees whose seeds don’t germinate without the heat of a forest fire. Odd that survival is built into natural disaster, isn’t it?

    What a beautiful place, which I thought last year, too. We’ve had some pretty good thunderstorms in east TN, too. For a while, it was every afternoon, and I actually didn’t mind, because that’s the desert pattern. Now it’s mostly hot and humid, not a desert pattern, and not what I like at all! LOL

  3. Up until the past few days we have had a cool rainy spring and summer, including Crack and Boom!
    also. How is your little garden doing? We had a horrific hail storm that shredded some of our garden, but it’s starting to come back now.

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