Haley’s Quilt

Last night most of the dancers in my troupe got together to send one of our members off to school. This was very special for me, because Haley started dancing with me at the ripe young age of eleven! She came to dance classes with her mom, and then because her mom was a troupe member, Haley started hanging out with us, doing her homework on the side of the studio while we rehearsed, and eventually I started putting her into dances, and eventually she started performing with us. Haley has many aunties in the dance troupe and we all feel as though we’ve had a part in raising her up. She is 18 now and heading off to university, and I am so proud of her and the beautiful, talented, funny, smart, self-confident young woman that she has grown up to be.  Traditionally, dance (like cooking, sewing & all the female arts) passes from one generation to the next within the household. I learned to dance because my mother did it. Haley learned to dance because her mother did it.  I feel a heart-connection with her because of it. In honour of Haley’s moving into the next phase of her life, I decided that I wanted to sew her a quilt. Here’s a picture of me working on it – with a little help from my friend Samson. Every time I took the quilt out, Samson had to “help” by making sure it was suitable for sleeping on!

Apparently this is a Very Important Job for dogs, because as soon as Haley opened it up, look what happened! There is her little dog Diesel also giving his seal of approval!

It’s a very special quilt, because all the members of the dance troupe signed it with wishes, quotes, and thoughts  – something she can wrap herself up in – something tangible that will keep her connected to all of us.

Love ya, Haley-bug. Always dance in joy. And I will always be your dance teacher, no matter what. ♥

…so stand up straight, eh?  

That’s our girl!


    1. Thanks! It was fun – I enjoyed making it. And the nice thing about making a quilt as a gift for someone is that the entire time you’re sewing on it, you are thinking of that person – recalling happy times, etc. I like to think that all of that nice energy gets sewn right into the binding and stays with the recepient.

    2. Wahoo – Yeehaw – WooHoo – apsulape, apsulape!You were my inspiration and then I pooped right out – LOL! Might be time to pull out the remaining blocks and get busy! 🙂

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