When Seeing is Believing

I’ve been pretty lucky in my weight loss journey – I’ve  recorded a  loss at nearly every single weight watchers meeting until about 2 months ago when we got back from our trip to Australia. It’s been unbelievably easy until now. Now, I am at the dreaded plateau. And it’s all my own doing.  I’ve picked up some of my old (bad) eating habits again and am struggling with motivation. Partly because I don’t really feel any differently than I did 60 pounds ago.  Odd, I know – what can I say? I recognize that I look different, but the mind is a funny thing because even though I know I look different, I still have a hard time believing it.  In my mind I am still a size 18. When I wake up every morning,  I ask my husband “am I still smaller?” because part of me honestly expects to wake up and still physically be the big girl that I see in my mind.  But then I see these pictures, and they’re shocking to me.  So I am going to try some shock therapy and post them here so that I can log on and look at them anytime I need to.  Really, I’m almost there. I only have 10-15 pounds left to get rid of. Time for some shock therapy and get myself back on that wagon!

Here I am at the start of my journey: Size 18 and dancing at LePage Park, Arts in the Park series in the summer of 2007. This was six months before the life-changing doctors appointment that started me on my journey towards seeking a healthy and balanced life.

Here I am two weeks before I joined Weight Watchers in April, 2009, dancing to Alf Leyla wa Leyla by Saqra & the Mediterranean Raqs Band at the Yukon Arts Centre in Raqs Farrah and wearing my beautiful bra & belt set that I bought in Toronto.  I am wore a size 16 at the time this picture was taken.

Here I am this spring (2010) after loosing 50 pounds. One year after joining Weight Watchers. I’m wearing a size Medium top & size 8 pants for the first time that I can remember. 

And finally, here I am today!  60 pounds lighter from when I first started over 2 years ago. This is where I’ve hit what I’m calling my “white bread and peanut butter plateau.” I’ve been bouncing back and forth over the same 5 pounds since the end of May, and really, all I need to do is get the peanut butter & white bread cravings under control.  Easier said than done, let me tell you! Funny, it didn’t bother me once (well, maybe once or twice) up till now. Anyway, in this picture I’m wearing size 5 Reitman’s stretchy “comfort” pants (which are between 1 & 2 sizes smaller than regular store sizes because they’re so stretchy- so I probably wear a regular store size 8 but I don’t know for sure because I haven’t gone in and tried any on yet!) and a size small shirt & size medium sweater. When this photo was taken I had only just hit a “healthy” BMI and officially no longer in the “overweight” category.  Yay!

My goal is to be smack dab in the middle of the BMI scale’s healthy weight range. I am nearly there!


    1. I have found that getting in shape is relative to the activity I want to do. If I only want to walk the dog for an hour every evening, than I need to be fit enough to do just that – in other words, I don’t need to be fit enough to run a 1/2 marathon if my goal is only to walk. If my goal is to run a 1/2 marathon, then I need to be fit enough to do that – I don’t need to be fit enough to climb a mountain. As my weight has decreased I am enjoying fitness activities more and more. The more I enjoy them, the more I do them and the fitter I get as a result. I consider myself to be in good physical shape for what I do. Recreationally that means walking the dog, hiking, biking, dance & dance instruction, and around the house my fitness level allows me to easily take care of my yard, lawn, garden, housework, shopping, etc. My fitness level allows me to do these things that I enjoy. I am not in shape to climb a mountain, but I climbing a mountain is not one of my goals. I enjoy going to exercise classes and working up a good sweat and I am fit enough to do that (and improving my fitness every time I do it – bonus!) If you find getting in shape is difficult, maybe look at your goals first. Don’t set the marathon as your first goal. Make your first goal walking the dog for an hour and when you are fit enough for that, set the next one. How fit is fit enough? That’s up to you.

  1. Yes, it’s okay to say so – because it’s true – it IS shocking! It is funny/odd, isn’t it, how the mind works. Because the shock for me is when I see my small photo when in my head I’m still the big photo. I am working hard on integrating what I look like on in my head and in reality. It’s a bit crazy-making. And thank you very much for the compliments! Wow!

    1. I never understood why people who lost weight still saw their overweight self in their head until I gained 40 lbs in middle age. In my mind I’m still the slender girl of my thirties. I guess it’s what your used to.

  2. Is it okay for me to say that it *is* shocking to see the pictures lined up like this? I remember the first time I saw you dance (which must be around the time that first picture was taken) and all I could think was how beautiful you were, and how amazingly, breathtakingly graceful and sensual. But Nita, I’ve grown so used to the smaller you, I’m surprised to see those older pictures of you. I don’t REMEMBER you as a “big girl”. Isn’t it funny that your mind and mine seem to be working in opposite directions? 🙂

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