After chasing about 4 pounds around all summer, I finally realized that I have been successfully maintaining a healthy weight for 5 months. I’m not a failure – I’m pretty good – a success! So I decided that at the next weigh-in, I would accept whatever the scale said as my “goal” weight and stop chasing those last couple of pounds. I’ve felt out of control all summer because I was unable to reach that last final number.  Then, I realized that it is only a number and I am needlessly fixated on it. In reality, I am more fit and healthy than I have ever been in my life. So by making the decision to accept whatever the scale should say at the Wednesday weigh in, I was putting myself back in charge. Last night I got up on the scale and was very happy to see a number inside the healthy BMI weight range for my height and I happily accepted that number as the end of my weight loss journey.

60 pounds are gone, gone, gone. Gone for good!  I picked up a 60 pound weight in the gym the other day.  60 pounds is very heavy. No wonder my knees always hurt! No wonder I was always tired!

My friend Judy says she did not “lose” her weight – she “got rid of it”. I like that. I did not lose 60 pounds – I very deliberately got rid of it. If you should find the “lost” weight, please do not return it to me! I don’t want it back!

What is my advice to the rest of my weight-watcher friends that are still on the downward path?

♥Set realistic weight loss goals and re-evaluate them on a regular basis. Adjust your goals as need. Make every goal an obtainable one: 5 or 10 pounds, or one dress size, or lowered blood pressure by a few points. When you reach your goal, congratulate yourself and then set the next one.

♥Reward your successes! Tell someone about it and get a high five! Get a manicure or a new piece of clothing.  Buy a new pair of walking shoes or gym clothes. And by the way…food is not a reward.

♥Find the positive lesson learned with every weigh-in, no matter the result of that weigh-in. You didn’t loose any weight this week? Or you gained? Don’t beat yourself up. So what.  What is important is to ask yourself what did you learn about yourself and your habits? What changes can you make because of it? Let knowledge be your consequence. You lost this week? Again, what did you learn about yourself and your habits? Nothing is “bad”. Everything we do has a consequence. Some consequences are just nicer than others!

♥Never quit! Our WW leader once asked us the question: “if you stumble and fall down a couple of stairs,  do you then throw yourself down the rest of them! No way! You get up and start climbing again!” So don’t give up. You are so worth all the efforts you’re putting towards your good health! I’ll say it again – you are worth it! You deserve good health!

♥Address the reasons you were heavy in the first place. Those emotions you are eating aren’t going to go away when the weight is gone. Those reasons you got heavy will still be there. Deal with them. Resolve them. Don’t let them continue to have power over you.

♥Ask for help when you need it.  Ask your WW leader. Ask your friend. Ask your spouse & family. Whatever you need, ask for it. Need professional help?  Get it! No shame there. Health is more than pounds on a scale. Health is being in balance. If you need help sorting out how to find that balance, get it. You deserve it!

♥Go to your WW meetings. Every week. Faithfully. I have learned so much from these meetings! I often come home with a new idea, recipe, or way of looking at something.

♥Have a wing mate. A friend who supports you on your journey.  My wing mate is my friend Maureen. She went through the program at the same time as me and is now celebrating one-year at goal. Way to go, Maureen! I am so proud of you! You have helped me get here and I love you. I am also grateful for all the tremendous love and support I’ve received from my husband. Honey, you are my reason. I love you.

Here’s a costume I’d been working toward getting into. It was a bit tight when I bought it, and the bra was definately too small. Now, the bra fits fine and I need to sew in the darts of the skirt a bit because it’s a bit loose.  But hey, not too bad, eh? 

My journey isn’t over. It’s just changed shape. Now I am in “maintainance.” After 6 weeks, I become a WW lifetime member. I can’t wait!  I’ve got the tools and I’m going to be okay.

So, eat well, but not too much. Move your body with exercise you enjoy. Laugh. Enjoy  life. Be around people you like. Love & let yourself be loved.


  1. Nita, thanks for sharing, it has helped! I had decided to leave your classes, not because I did not enjoy them, cause I do, but because I could just not get past the image I saw in the mirror week after week. The moves that you do so effortlessly, and make look so gracefull, I felt like a cow trying to do ballet! But you are right, I will keep on trying, I am down 26 lbs. and I should be proud of that! So, I will be back at class next week, and hopefully with a new hipscarf that my sister is sending up for me! I can do this! (I just may have to stand at the back of the class! 🙂 )

    Thanks so much for the advice!

    1. Laurie, I am so proud of you. You are doing amazing with the weight loss! Go pick up a 25 pound weight next time you are at the multiplex and you will astound yourself! As to comparing yourself as a brand new dancer with 5 hours of classes under your hipscarf with your teacher who has been practicing for a lifetime…well, you know how silly that is. The big question is, do you enjoy the class? If the answer is yes, than that’s exactly where you should be every Sunday. 🙂 I’m glad you decided to stay – I enjoy your presence there. Next week, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a big huge smile – you look great and all the effort you’re putting in shows!

  2. That’s a great message – I’m queen of setting weight goals based on numbers, and chasing the last few pounds. I think sometimes it’s more important to feel healthy, fit into your clothes, and avoid beating yourself up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look absolutely fantastic, Nita! Way to go for setting your goals and sticking to your plan. And how wonderful to share your advice — very inspiring!

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