No more grumps today

I was grumpy when I got up this morning. No reason. Just grumpy. Then I decided to ride my bike to work. Why? I wasn’t going to. I even had an excuse! I have a physio appointment after work for my sore shoulder. So I needed the car. But then honesty kicked in and I remembered I wasn’t playing games with my weight loss journey anymore. What did I have to be honest about? Well…the fact that I have to ride right past the physio clinic on my way home. So really, I don’t need the car at all. I just have to leave work an extra 10 minutes early to get there in time. So I rode my bike. I grumped right out the door. I couldn’t get the kick stand up. I grumped back into the house to grumble at my husband, who came outside and put the kick stand up for me. I grumbled right out the driveway and for about half a block. And then I started to smile. God, I love riding my bike to work. I truly and honestly do. By the time I got there I was all smiles and ready for the day. No more grumps for me today!

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