Jade’s Quilt

Every quilt has a story, and I like to share these stories as a way to preserve them. Jade’s quilt was one of the many unfinished projects that I’ve collected over the years. Jade is the daughter of my friend Fawn. She started kindergarten this year and I wanted to make her something special to snuggle under with a favourite book as she enters her school-age years, learns to read and dreams her little-girl dreams.

032One day I remembered a quilt top that I had started to make several years ago but never finished. I had started it for Nora (the daughter of another friend) when she started kindergarden, 11 years ago, but I never finished it. The top languished in my sewing room as Nora grew older, and as it was a quilt for a little girl, after awhile it no longer suited her. As I thought about it, I wondered if it would be nice for another little girl to have.

So I dug it out and and finished it by adding borders and appliqued hearts to personalize it for Jade.

It is a combination of ties at each corner of the blocks with hand quilted hearts in the block centers.What started out in life being for one kindergartener ended up being for another, 11 years later! What patience quilts have!


  1. It’s absolutely beautiful! Quilting is something I always wanted to try my hand at, but I left my sewing machine behind when I moved to the Yukon, and now I don’t have space for one. Maybe someday!

  2. She’s absolutely thrilled with it, Nita! She’s snuggled under it right now, about to drift off into some little-girl dreams. Thanks again for the amazing gift. 🙂

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