Well, I’m going back to work this morning after 6 weeks off. I’m a little nervous, but excited also. I got up early to give myself plenty of stress-free morning time, including time to do 30 minutes on the treadmill. Yay me!  Now I’m having a cup of tea and deciding what to wear. I wrote most of this blog yesterday and will post it on my lunch hour. I’ve got to get going, so I’ll let you all know tomorrow how it went!

On to the crafting front (it’s WIP Wednesday, after all!)…

It’s been a frustrating week of experimentation in the sewing room. I had some great ideas – really great ideas – that unfortunalely weren’t so great after all. On the plus side, my various failed experiments did result in a massive influx of scraps for the scrap bin. Always look for the bright side, eh? Now I will have enough scraps to make an authentic scrap quilt. (A quilt of failed intentions?) Lol!

I did manage to finish two projects, though. Here is the April In Colour Order block-of-the-month. I love pinwheels and would like to do an entire pinwheel quilt someday.






…and here are all four months together. Looking good, eh?







I also made one more star block for Nora’s quilt. It didn’t look as much like a star as I had hoped, so I’ll applique this little mini-pinwheel to the center. I think that’ll make it look more like a star (since it is a star quilt, after all) This one reminds me of a galaxy.

I’m linking in with The Needle and Thread Network, Sew Much Ado and Freshly Pieced today, so check out what other crafters have been up to this week!


In other news, we had a great time at the lake this weekend. Sammy, Kelly and I had a great time playing chase-the-ball, which means Kelly throws the ball, Sammy chases it, and then I tramp out to pick  it up!








Todays blog post has been brought to you by Samuel J Collins!





  1. Good luck going back to work and make sure you get lots of rest as it will be very tiring at first. Love your blocks and of course gorgeous little Sammy:)

  2. Good luck going back to work!
    Your blocks are lovely, and is there any other way to get the ball back? Not that my dogs know of at any rate.

  3. oh that snow has the dry cold look! sparkly and beautiful, except I really do prefer green….
    Your blocks are an interesting progression, it always amazes me the way themes are interpreted with regular traditional blocks. Great work!

  4. I love your HST blocks all together, they look really good! I should really jump on the bandwagon and get making them. I’m sure I can muster up one block a month 🙂

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