A Whole Lotta Notes!

Monday night is Big Band night.  Since we’re getting ready for our annual “Swing into  Spring” dance, we ran through a few of the pieces that we’ll be playing. Thumbing through the folder looking for a particular piece (that should have been filed alphabetically, but seemed to have somehow been filed chronologically instead), I finally found it and pulled it out. After surveying the many pencil markings I’ve made on it over the years, I announced to nobody in particular, “Wow, this chart has a lot of notes on it!” To which wisecracker George chimed in, “That’s because it’s Sheet Music!”


And speaking of which, have you seen that clown they hired over at the WalMart? I’m told he hides from stupid people. (har har har)

Now I know you’ve all probably seen this, but it’s just that kind of a day and so I’m going to put it here for you, just in case you need a good laugh this morning. Enjoy!

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