WIP Wednesday!

Wow, I haven’t been posting much (at all!) lately. But tomorrow is Work in Progress Wednesday, so I’m going to use that as incentive to get back into the game. Here we go! I’m linking in with Freshly Pieced , so check out what other crafters are up to and leave a note to say hi, eh?

The Treasure Chest BOM for June was the Prickly Pear block. I really liked this one and can easily see an entire quilt made of this block:







And here are all of them together. Only 3 more to go!






Here’s why I need a new sewing machine…when she’s good she’s very good. When she’s bad she’s awful! It happens more often than I’d like to admit, and makes me afraid to try sewing a skirt or a dress or anything with topstitching. At least with a quilt the mess is hidden on the back and inside the quilt so nobody knows but me.








I’ve made good process on the hand work in Nora’s quilt. I took a picture of the back because I thought the stitching would show up better:








…and the June In Colour Order block was diamonds. I can see an entire quilt from this one, too:








And here’s the fabric for my next project. Aren’t the colours gorgeous? It’s a Tonga Treat called “Lemonade.”  I love it!





Happy sewing!




  1. Oh Nita!! BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait to see these all in person … Love the colors you’ve picked …. such bright and vibrant squares!

  2. Oh my those Treasure chest BOMs look fantastic! Love them!

    That thread nest happens to me when I don’t keep hold of both the top and bobbin threads as i start sewing – maybe that could help you?

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