Sunday Morning daydreaming

One of my favourite Sunday morning things is to sit and daydream on the couch for an hour or so before I start my day. I’ve always done it, but now that I think about it, I realize that it has become a ritual that I’m nearly religious about! Two cups of coffee or tea, house coat, hair uncombed, teeth unbrushed…I sit and let my mind wander freely. Sometimes I browse creative websites and let my mind roam among the images and words of others as though I were in a museum…admiring, enjoying and then moving on to the next.  I walk through dream gardens, dance dream dances, build dream houses and decorate dream rooms.

This morning I’ve taken down a handful of quilting books to browse through. Creating beautiful quilts in my mind. Daydreaming of beautiful fabrics, colours, and patterns.


What do you daydream about on Sunday mornings?

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  1. Sadly, I spend very little time daydreaming these days, except in those moments (or hours!) before sleep takes me at night. Sometimes I daydream song melodies or lyrics, sometimes I dream of several hours of unbroken quiet at a spa. Sometimes I daydream of sewing projects I’d like to tackle, or changes, big or small, I’d like to make to our house. And sometimes I daydream about big stages. 🙂

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