Kelly is on holidays in the Okanagan and Fraser Valley, attending a week-long star party and visiting family & friends while I’m on stay-cation here at home. Yes, I miss him (of course I do!), but I’m also thoroughly enjoying being by myself. Besides, it’s good to miss your spouse once in a while! In 10 days I’ve slept in, schlept around (is “schlept” a word?), taken a blissful Sam out for a long walk every single day, done some housework that’s been neglected and caught up on some sewing projects that I hadn’t been able to get to.

I sorted and organized my bedroom closet and drawers, washed the bathroom (including walls) and washed the inside of my washing machine. Who knew the inside of a washing machine could get so dirty? And how embarrassing to admit that this is the first time I have ever washed the inside of my washing machine! I just throw the clothes in and turn it on. Does anyone ever really look inside their washing machine? I washed the outside of my kitchen cabinets, pulled weeds and mowed the lawn (which I notice needs mowing again today). I washed floors, hung laundry on the line and made a pot of broccoli soup (which I froze in single serving containers to take to work for lunches.)

I spent two nights in Calgary taking care of some business and managed to squeeze in a mini shopping spree (do 5 pairs of shoes, 5 sweaters, 2 tops and a pair of pants count as “mini”?) I went for a walk with Amber, who I haven’t seen all summer, and spent 2 entire mornings with my dear friend Vicki who was visiting from Maine!

I read a book, sat on the porch swing, browsed the on-line quilt shops, read some new quilting blogs and watched my favourite TV shows that had been waiting on the PVR for practically forever. I’ve written a few blog posts of my own so you would know that I haven’t forgotten you, and to top it off, the weather has been absolutely, perfectly, wonderfully beautiful every single day of my entire stay-cation!

And, I finished Nora’s Stars quilt!  I will devote an entire blog post to that as soon as I get some good pictures taken. I also got two other quilt tops finished and ready for sandwiching and basting, including one for my sister (which I mention here just to poke her a bit, lol! Oh, the anticipation!) And I worked on a third quilt top that Vicki is going to look for border, binding and backing fabric for me in Maine (that’s my June churn dash from the We Be Learning quilting bee). And there are still a few other projects I want to work on, including the August Treasure Chest BOM. Which I’ve been procrastinating about because the pattern is really hard and I barely understand the directions!

There’s still some housework I’d like to tackle (isn’t that always the way?), but I spent so much time schlepping and sleeping that I’ve run out of time, darn it! (lol!) I have today and tomorrow, then back to work on Tuesday. And of course, quilting takes place before housework, you know. But that’s okay. It’s a vacation, after all!






Here is a picture of Vicki and me. We know what she did on her vacation and what Kelly and I did on ours…what did you do on yours?


  1. How good that you remembered so much of what you did. Often we are super busy and productive, to the point that at the end of the day we have forgotten all we did and have the impression that we did not do much.
    I am looking forward to the pictures of your new quilt!

  2. Wow you really have been busy, you wore me out just reading everything that you have got accomplished. Yes I have also washed out the inside of my washing machine and also the dishwasher….who knew that you would have to wash out the insides of something that washes. BTW the pic of you and Vicki is upside down. 🙂

  3. I drove to Dawson City with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and my own little family. It takes a bit of doing to coordinate 9 people, three of which are children. But it was an awesome little trip! I love Dawson City.

    Weeeee neeeed to get togetherrrrr!!

    Oh, also “schlepp” is indeed a word. “Schleppen” is the infinitive form of the German (and, I would bet, also Yiddish) word, which means “to drag”.

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