I’m stuck on a…

I’m stuck on a feeling pincushion! (gotta believe me, I’m in love with youuu!)  I have just made 4 and I can’t wait to make more!(I’m a poet, don’t ‘cha know it?)

Why am I making pincushions? Because neither of mine are adequate anymore. I have this one that my friend Vicki made for me in about 1987:

It has been my constant companion for 25 years. It has been so well loved and has been stuck through so many times that it’s starting to disingetrate.





And I also have this one that is made out of a piece of red velvet and a canning jar lid and stuffed with batting. It’s very pretty, but too shallow to be practical.  I found it somewhere and am convinced it was only meant to be decorative.






As you can see, I need new pincushions! Sew…I am going to make some! Here are the first two that I tried out:






They are a combination of this tutorial and this one. I looked at them both and then kind of experimented. I used fabric from a Crazy Daisy charm pack and Kona white. I’m in love with these babies, I tell ya!

Then I got experimental with my scrap basket and had some fun making these:








Modern pincushions! I love ’em! They aren’t finished yet – I still have to sew up the backs. I’ve stuffed them with quilt batting, but am going to look for something better – the quilt batting is kind of lumpy. I’ve heard that crushed walnut shells work well (lizzard bedding from the pet store if I can find some).

I’ve got a feeling there are more of these in my near future! Yup!

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  1. Oh, how fun! I never thought about it before, but my tomato pincushion DOES have that kind of “crunchy” feeling to it that suggests it’s NOT filled with batting. LOL

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