In Service

Yesterday was our annual in-service day at Yukon College. It was a great day, and this year we took the term literally and donated 3 hours to the community, doing volunteer work. Staff and faculty worked for a variety of organizations around town. Some people cooked for the outreach van, some shopped for and stocked the food bank shelves or picked up garbage on the waterfront. Others painted and/or mended fences at the game farm and the MacIntyre Creek preserve. There was something for everyone, and over 100 people participated. The theme was “our college in the community” and we sure proved it! What a great place to work!

I was involved in a group that knitted and crocheted newborn caps for the hospital and quilted baby blankets for the women’s shelter. My group produced 21 caps and 3 quilts.

It was a happy day and I hope we do it again next year!












What are you doing to give back?

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