Promoting Marital Happiness: tip #1

Do not, under any circumstances, leave the garden hose in a tangled, knotted up mess for your spouse to discover and fix for you.

I almost did that today. Almost! But (phew!) I didn’t. I thought about it, but then I had a second thought. My second thought that this would not result in marital happiness.

But you know, it was sort of his fault that it got tangled up like that in the first place. If he hadn’t coiled it so neatly onto the hanger-thingy, I wouldn’t have had to pull the entire hank of hose off to use it.  Right?

Uh huh.



  1. I learned a new way to coil sound wires and garden hoses and sailboat ropes. Because that quarter-twist thing makes a beautiful neat coil, but it stays twisted and horrible when you try to use it.

    Sadly, my current sound cords have already been coiled the old way and likely can’t be converted to the new. I guess I need to buy new ones…

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