Dancing, Knitting, Quilting, Gardening: a perfect Sunday!

I had such a lovely morning giving Jade her first bellydance lesson today! We did knee shimmies, twist shimmies, played with some veils and learned to walk like a princess/dancer (pointing the toes before each step and walking lightly on the balls of the feet). Here she is:
That beautiful posture and dancer’s arms come natural to her, as does the great big ear-to-ear grin! We can’t wait for our next lesson next weekend. 🙂

I so enjoyed my hour with these two bright and talented girls. Both got to take home a hipscarf, and Jade is keeping the purple veil (though her mom will have to cut off a good 18″ from the bottom).

And here is Halia showing us a little summer top that I knit for her (notice that she chose to dress appropriately for accompanying her big sister to a dance class!)




Such a cutie-pie, and looks an awful lot like her beautiful mom.

So that takes care of Dancing and Knitting! Now how about a little quilting? I finally finished the last of the three because-you-matter little boy boy quilts!


And here they are all together:



Tested and approved by Samuel J. Collins


I even got out into the garden and cleaned out my flower beds. The sun is out, the leaves are out, green things are starting to peek out of the ground.

I hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine was!

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