Kate Spain, Charm Packs and Layer Cakes….

I adore Kate Spain fabric. I have lusted from afar for too long, and I think I am finally going to bite the budgetary biscuit and buy some. I don’t have any idea what I will make with it, but I can’t stand it for another day: I must own some Kate Spain! I can’t afford much, so I thought a handful of charm packs or a layer cake would be the best way to get a selection of an entire line.

So….my quilt knowledgeable friends… is it better to buy four $10 charm packs or is it better to buy one $40 layer cake?

And question number 2…What quilt patterns would you recommend for charm packs and/or layer cakes? Especially colour-dense ones that would suit her fabulous colour-dense fabrics?

Aren’t they yTerrainummy?!









I’m leaning towards Terrain.

♥ Which is YOUR favourite? ♥


  1. For the same money, I’d go with a layer cake. After all, with a rotary cutter and mat (which you’d use for just about any quilting project) you can turn a layer cake into 5″ square pieces, if you decided later you really did want 5″ squares. Also, for big, bold fabrics, the larger pieces may be better. Check out the Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s web site and numerous youtube videos for ideas on what to do with your fab fabric! Good luck!

  2. For versatility, I’d get 1 layer cake – that way you can cut it into smaller pieces or fussy-cut a bigger print. But that’s just me. I usually don’t by the layers because they’re $40 when I have $10. But if you’re in for $40 anyway, might as well go big and give yourself some choices. 🙂

  3. Hi Nita,

    Don’t forget the moda bakeshop site- which has many free quilt patterns that use charms or layers
    PS Could you send me your addy again? then I can get that box of fabric of to you. I cannot access the we bee canadian pg right now

  4. Hi Nita, I really like Terrain also. And Cuzco, which I did not see on your list. If you google terrain free quilt pattern one of the pop ps is a project sheet by Kate Spain. She has project sheets for all her fabric lines. I am currently admiring the Good Fortune pattern that uses a jelly roll. Have fun!

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