Alaska Highway: Watson Lake to Fort Nelson December 3, 2013

Day 2 Driving the Alaska Highway


Contact Creek Lodge just outside of Watson Lake:


Contact Creek has the cheapest gas on the highway:


Somewhere between Watson Lake and Muncho Provincial Park (if you’re viewing through email, you’ll need to go directly to the website to see the short video)

Bison on the road. They lay on the sides of the road like statues. Like big boulders. You don’t realize it’s an animal lying there until you’re passing it, sometimes!



Caribou on the Alaska Highway in Muncho Provincial Park (if you’re viewing through email, you’ll need to go directly to the website to see the short video):

The drive through the mountains was awesome. A-MAZ-ING.


A long and winding (but scenic) road that used all my defensive driving skills. The road is quite a bit narrower in the winter because of the snow plowed off to the side.  It wasn’t scary at all, but you do need to be alert and drive to the conditions.

I didn’t take any pictures of the road as it winds around the lake. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s sort of like driving on a flat roller coaster. Every corner is a blind corner. The road is about 1.5 lanes wide, and you can see what’s coming from several bends ahead, but you can’t see it coming right around the bend you are on. So you go slow. When you meet a transport truck, one of you has to pull off onto the side as far as you can, with a sheer rock wall on one side and the lake right on the other. Then you creep past each other with a wave and a grin before continuing on  your way. It’s probably not so bad in the summer, but in the winter the snow makes it even narrower. So you can understand that I didn’t have any attention to spare for my camera!


All the mountain driving was tiring. Just when I thought I was through the mountains, I hit Stone Mountain Provincial Park. The road here was nice and wide, though, and other than a lot of climbing and descending, it was just fine.



  1. Every winter, between 2006 and 2011, I made that drive. I had an elderly quilter friend who wanted me to come up and stay with her. We had a lot of fun doing quilty things. Your photos are very nostalgic for me.

  2. That part of the drive is our favorite! So scenic! My brother and his family lives in Fort Nelson and I am from Dawson Creek. Enjoy the drive past all my old stomping grounds!

    Gorgeous photos!!

  3. Love driving the Alaska Hwy in all seasons ….So beautiful ! Love following your journey south Nita! What an awesome idea 😀

  4. Ahhh Nita my favourite part of the AK Highway .. Muncho, Stone Mt,, good to slow down and take it all in. In the 80s the road was awful. Now a relatively great highway, but the natural wonder and the curious critters who think the road is theirs remain. Truck on safely you
    Northern Woman.

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